A brief description of services offered by the project is as follows:

Providing Customized Services

  • An effective traceability system with updated record keeping and food production-supply chain.

  • In case of infection scares/food contamination or production problems effective product recalls can be made possible.

  • One-step forward and one-step backward traceability can be developed.

  • Protecting and enhancing the brand reputation among consumers.

  • Assurance to the consumers for the elements in their food to trace.

  • Producers assurance to the customers through traceability.

  • Exported food product with proper labeling of tags with barcode.

Providing General Services

  • Farmers’ registration with their unique ID.

  • Farmers’ land record keeping.

  • Farm production and Crop Cultivation practices record.

  • Training of selected farmers in identified areas.

  • Identification of individuals for Internal Control System.

  • Farmers’ training record.

  • Traceability record.

  • Involvement of certification agency and registration of farmers through identified individuals for ICS.

  • Availability of literature and training materials.

  • Facilitation for establishing marketing channels after certification.

  • Review and Monitoring of govt. schemes and their benefits.

Providing Technical Services

  • Issuing Record Book.

  • Record Maintenance on Training.

  • Data compilation of each farmer.

  • Electronic Data Entry.

  • Record keeping and maintenance of Database.

  • Record maintenance on farmer production practice.